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98% of customers are demanding maximized product uptime – are manufacturers ready to deliver?


With customer expectations changing at a rapid pace, it’s more important today than ever for manufacturers to transform their business model from a reactive, break-fix service model to one focused on maximizing product uptime. In fact, according to a recent research report, 66% of durable goods manufacturers said they feel pressure from the executive suite to make this shift, which is likely due to the fact that 98% of end users said they need to see maximized product uptime prioritized in their manufacturers’ service agreements. 


In this webinar, discover and learn:

– How maximized product uptime is impacting the customer experience and why that matters to manufacturers.

– How manufacturers can best prepare themselves to meet these changing demands and lead their customers on this journey.

– Key findings from our exclusive research conducted across 300 manufacturers and consumers on the importance of shifting towards maximized product uptime.

– Maximized product uptime is the new standard in manufacturing. Join Syncron and Copperberg for this webinar to better understand where you are on the uptime maturity curve and what vital steps you need to take today to meet your customers’ demands!

If you are, join this webinar on Thursday, October 25th at 14:00 CET, moderated by Thomas Igou.

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