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Webinar: How the service engineers at Mars Drinks drive the change and became brand ambassadors

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Date: September 26th, 14:00-15:00 CET

In this webinar we will discuss with Ashley Weller how Mars Drinks Services successfully enabled the service engineers to drive and sustain change and become proud brand ambassadors. How he applied the 4 Winning Habits for sustainable and continuous change, which have been described by Jan van Veen of moreMomentum.

In our rapidly changing industries, the name of the game is to drive continuous and rapid change that lasts. We are facing very exciting and challenging trends like Industrial Internet, globalisation and changing customer needs. Too many manufacturers struggle to change fluidly, continuous and beyond business as usual. As a result, they fall behind competition and new entrants in their industry.

Many approaches and strategies to drive change and innovation do not work anymore as they tend to fight symptoms instead of solving the fundamental challenges for change and preventing resistance. The 4 Winning Habits help to address the missing link for continuous change from the inside, more bottom up, in an easier and rewarding way.


Topics of the webinar

Listen to this great conversation between Ashley Weller (UK Service Director at Mars Drinks) and Jan van Veen (Managing Director at moreMomentum) and learn about:

·        How the 4 Winning Habits drive continuous and easier change

·        How Mars Drinks enabled service engineers to drive the change and make it happen

·        How Mars Drinks ensures the change to last

·        How Mars Drinks Service became more appreciated and collaborative within Mars Drinks

·        A typical journey of step-by-step increasing momentum for continuous change

    Mars Drinks is one of the world’s biggest and most successful vending machine companies and a part of Mars Incorporated. It operates globally, supplying and maintaining machines in workplaces such as offices and manufacturing sites in North America, Europe and a growing business in China and Japan. Although the sector is in decline in the UK, Mars Drinks is beating the market trends by knowing their customers and playing to their strengths, and has now been keeping us all going with our favourite hot drinks for 45 years.


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