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Service Mastery Day – Digital Transformation: Are your ready for exponential change?

1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

The next 5-10 years in technology and innovation we are heading into an era of dramatic disruption and opportunity: exponential technological progress is fuelling a multitude of key trends such as The Internet of Things (IoT), arti cial intelligence, the total mobilization of society and commerce, big data-driven business intelligence and prediction, the reimagination of privacy and security, bionics, robotics and new human-machine interfaces, the complete reinvention of advertising, a global convergence of telecom and media, and the rise of cloud- everything (i.e. content, money, education, health, transportation etc). At the same time, we are just about to rede ne the meaning of ‘capitalism’ which will, in the near future, need to be based on interdependence and ecosystem-thinking rather than on control, independence and nicely walled gardens. In this talk, Gerd will show you the key trends, the likely mine elds and the key opportunities, dishing up a mixture of shock and awesomeness to stimulate some serious thinking.

• How will disruptive and interconnected technologies impact the industrial sector? • How to future-proof your organization with holistic business models?
• What are the key opportunities of Technology vs. Humanity?