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Fredrik Östbye

Fredrik Östbye
  • Group Vice President, Head of Digital Transformation, Grundfos
  • Company: Grundfos

Fredrik Östbye, Group Vice President, Head of Digital Transformation, Grundfos
Fredrik is an entrepreneur who has built companies since he went to school. Two of them have got acquired by large enterprises, latest by Telenor where he spent the last years as Vice President, Internet of Things. He has a passion for disruption and how technology through business can help solving sustainability on our planet. He strongly believes in end-user-centric innovation where an ecosystem of players combine expertizes to create the best possible experience, and with a business-model attached where all involved share the value of the solved problem. His mindset is that openness brings speed and speed brings success. In 2017 he joined Grundfos to orchestrate the digital transformation this giant is going through, moving from experts in advanced pumps to supplier of water-as-a-service. When not working, he spends time with his family and enjoys horseback riding, kitesurfing and snowboarding.