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Nicolas Magnette

Nicolas Magnette
  • Sr. Solution Leader & Associate Partner for B2B Pricing
  • Company: Periscope By McKinsey

Nicolas Magnette is a Sr. Solution Leader & Associate Partner for B2B Pricing at
Periscope® By McKinsey. Nicolas joined Periscope® in 2011 and has since then
supported more than 50 commercial transformation programs for B2B clients, mainly in
chemicals, basic materials, and manufacturing. His focus has been on front-line
capability building and the deployment of commercial and pricing performance
management systems. Nicolas has a passion for designing efficient and user-friendly
products and has pioneered many of the innovations in Periscope®. Before joining
Periscope® By McKinsey, Nicolas was a generalist consultant at McKinsey, in
Luxembourg and in South Africa. Nicolas served clients in Europe and Africa on strategy,
commercial, and operational issues.