Webinar with Todd Snelgrove from ABB

Exclusive Webinar with Todd Snelgrove, VP, ABB

How to get started with the power of value
Copperberg and Todd Snelgrove hosted an exclusive webinar looking into the power of value.  In the webinar you will learn how to increase You and Your Customer’s Bottom Line by demonstrating, documenting, procuring, pricing and selling based on best Total Profit Added™.

Session description:
You already know the importance of pricing for your value. How do you persuade customers to be able to pay for that value? The newest and best method to get customers to want and be able to pay for value is an evolution of measuring the Total Cost of Ownership of your offering for a customer to the more holistic term of Total Profit Added™. In this session, Todd Snelgrove—who literally wrote the book on price for value—will show how and why being able to articulate your value message to customers will make you 24% more profitable than your industry’s average while also helping your customers. In fact, Professional Procurement that makes buying decisions based on best value—as measured by TPA™—are 36% more profitable than companies that don’t. This is your chance to learn from Todd’s 20+ years of experience in developing the tools, techniques, measurements, and methods to do pricing right.

In this webinar you will get an introduction on:

  • What really is Value
    Procurements willingness to pay for value
    Quantifying Your Value
    Selling Value
    Pricing Models for Value
    Communicating Value
    Best Practices to drive implementation and adoption of a Value strategy

The Speaker:

Todd is Vice President, Marketing, Collaborative Operations for ABB and the former Global Vice President of Value at SKF, with over 15 years’ experience in being the team leader on understanding, presenting, calculating, pricing, and purchasing on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) or Total Profit Added™ (TPA™)

He is acknowledged to be a leading subject matter expert in the field of value. Todd has developed and implemented his leading insight into strategies for sales and marketing programs, strategic account management, customer value partnership agreements, TCO procurement strategies, and numerous programs that help customers and his company increase profitability by measuring and understanding Total Profit Added™. Todd has demonstrated successful customer partnership agreements with Global Fortune 1000 companies, in numerous industries and segments, in all geographies of the world.


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